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Organize the work of employees correctly. Create an additional meeting room, separate offices. separate the kitchen area from the employees’ reaction aria

Conference halls & Expo

Space can bring additional profit. Create a transformable space and adapt it for various events. Separate small spaces and host multiple events in parallel, or combine spaces to host one large event

Medical institutions

Safe fire-resistant structures are recommended for separating rooms in medical institutions. Separate the receptions room from the examination room, fence off the waiting room or create an additional office for receiving patients

educational institutions

Use the panels as a projector screen or magnetic whiteboard. Divide students into group in different rooms and then remove the wall and bring everyone together for common lesson


Commercial premises can generate more profit if they are multifunctional. The transformable room can be divided into several halls and events can be held at the same time. A high level of sound insulation will prevent conversations and loud music from penetrating through the wall

gym and dance halls

Conduct various classes at the time, diving the room with a movable walls. You can also rent out part of the premises, as sliding walls allow you to make a separate entrance

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