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What types of sliding walls and partitions are there for offices?

Sliding walls and partitions for offices come in different types, each of which has its own characteristics and is suitable for specific tasks.


They create a feeling of openness and spaciousness while providing sound insulation. Suitable for creating meeting rooms or zoning work spaces.


Transformable partitions

These partitions can be reconfigured, making it easy to adapt the office space to different needs, for example, for holding events or changing work areas.


Accordion partitions

This is a budget option that easily folds and unfolds, making it convenient for temporary zoning of space.


Advantages and disadvantages

Glass partitions for office

– Advantages: aesthetic appearance, creating a bright space, sound insulation.

– Disadvantages: relatively high cost, maintenance and cleaning required.


Transformable office partitions

– Advantages: configuration flexibility, ability to use in different rooms.

– Disadvantages: May be more difficult to install and use.


Accordion partitions

– Advantages: low cost, ease of use.

– Disadvantages: less durable and may have lower sound insulation properties.

! Our company produces flexible accordion partitions with high levels of sound insulation and tightness.


These aspects will help you more fully navigate the variety of sliding walls and partitions for offices, taking into account their functionality and contribution to the overall working atmosphere.


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